Simmons 801405 Rangefinder, 4x20LRF 600

Simmons 801405 Rangefinder, 4x20LRF 600

While not being very expensive, the Simmons 801405 is a great device with a good range of features, ideal for beginners and intermediate users alike. it can provide you with accurate, reliable readings at 5 to 600 yards, and is accurate at 1-yard increments, making it perfect for most hunting purposes.

The interface is simple to use and streamlined, boiling down to a 1-button mode of operation. The device is quick to lock on to a target and will not drain too much battery power even when constantly scanning over and over again. It’s actually impressively fast when you keep scanning continuously when compared to some other models in the same price range.

Despite the low price, you still get 4x optical zoom, good configuration options and a great build quality, so it’s definitely a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for something cheap yet reliable. Setting the device up is really easy and straightforward as well, and even though you can’t configure it as much as some other more advanced models, it still comes with plenty of options to suit most average needs.

Readings are provided on a build-in display with a great picture quality, and this alone can make the investment well worth it. The device is noticeably better in this regard than the majority of its competitors, and you may even be tempted to use it as a viewing accessory and not just a rangefinder a lot of the time.

There is a good variety of aftermarket products available for the Simmons 801405 as well, and it’s not a bad idea to invest in a carrying case if you plan to take the device on harsher hunting trips. This is especially true for those who are more prone to damaging their devices, as the body of the Simmons 801405 is not the most durable ones out there (but still quite good, regardless).

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