The Best Golf Clubs for Beginners 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

The Best Golf Clubs for Beginners 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

Golf is one of the sports where your equipment says a lot about your performance. Having proper equipment will not only ensure that you will play well but it also will make sure that you will be safe and won’t experience mishaps and difficulties The game of golf has seen an increase in popularity amongst players, enthusiasts, and spectators. Consequently, the increased interest has also seen an influx in the varieties, styles, and designs of various golf playing equipment.

For a beginner, the outstanding tool of trade in this game is the golf club, and if you are not accustomed to them, it could be overwhelming to choose the right one that will befit you as an amateur golfer.

However, this is something you shouldn’t allow to dampen your spirits of becoming a great golfer. Stay with us because in this article we will present you with the ultimate guide to the top golf clubs for beginners in 2018.

So, what are the best golf clubs for beginners?

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set

Callaway is a renowned golf equipment manufacturer, and their clubs are very popular amongst the beginners. This particular Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club set comprises of 12 pieces, featuring every possible type of club a beginner may need to get going. The clubs are made to high quality and standards designed to grant users with the maximum performance and experience.

Some of the features which make them stand out include-:

  • A forged driver with a large spot which is the most ideal for those who are just starting out on golfing.
  • A forgiving 3W with an aerodynamic head to give length and height to shots.
  • Considered as the best iron set for beginners and one of the best golf wedges for beginners, its irons/wedges are made of stainless steel which allows for good control to help beginner golfers get the most out of their shots.
  • The clubs are hybrid, and as usual, hybrid clubs enable beginners to gain more confidence when taking their shots, and this enables them to learn and improve faster.
  • These beginner golf clubs are also lightweight and durable, and they come in a high-quality standing bag with five storage pockets to allow you to store other items you may need during your tours, including drinks.

Wilson ProStaff HDX Complete Set

The Wilson ProStaff HDX Club is another great beginner golf club set available at a relatively affordable price compared to the Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set. It comes with a total of fifteen pieces, featuring eleven golf clubs and three heads, as well as a stand bag.


  • The ProStaff irons have a deep center of gravity and they range from 6-SW with woods to make up for the absent lower irons.
  • Due to the deep center of gravity, beginner golfers will find it easy to get the balls off the ground and they will also experience less spin on the balls.
  • The shafts of the clubs are made from graphite, hence, they are lightweight and easy to swing. The putter also comes with a very great feeling.
  • Though the set is quite a compact one, it is relatively priced, but will give you a very good value for your money.

Next Golf Men’s Z1 Complete 17-Piece Set

Next may not be the most popular golf brand, but if you are in need of the best starter golf clubs for men, then you will not go wrong with the Z1 Complete 17-Piece Set. The clubs are known for their impressive performance, with extremely versatile features that will enable virtually every new golfer to hit the road running as soon as possible.


  • The set has a 10.5 degrees, a 460cc driver with a graphite shaft which makes it light enough for more consistent swings.
  • Also included are two hybrids, a #3 and a #4, both with steel shafts. All the woods and the hybrids have a total of four head covers.
  • The iron sets run from #5to the pitching wedge, with a mallet putter, and steel shafts.
  • The set comes nicely packed in a beautiful and durable stand bag.
  • The only thing you may not like about this set is that it doesn’t have a sand wedge, and for a beginner golfer, this may limit your options.

Adams Men’s Speedline Plus Woods

This is another great set for beginner golf clubs, and also the ladies’ ideal set for beginners who are just starting out with golf. With it comes every golf equipment you will need to take your first swing and continue improving until you get towards the pro levels.

With its price, it is without a doubt not one of the cheapest golf clubs for those who are just starting, but it comes with the guarantee that it will grant you with the best possible experience as a beginner. Some of its outstanding features include:

  • An extra inch to make it adjustable and ideal for golfers who are slightly taller than 6 feet 2 inches.
  • A velocity slot technology to enable you to achieve the possible maximum distance, awesome speeds on the ball, and great swings to let you have easy hits as you move from being a beginner towards being a pro.
  • It is also important to point out that the driver is aerodynamically shaped and this allows for maximum forgiveness and better stability when you take the swings.
  • It also comes with a regular flex, though you can always adjust this and make it stiffer on demand.
  • To crown it all, the set comes with a nicely designed bag which is big enough to provide space for most of the items you may need for your tours.

In this set, you will have an experience that will exceed your expectations, whether you wanted the best right or the best left handed golf clubs for beginners. Though it may not come cheap, you will get real worth for your money.

Wilson’s Men Ultra Complete Package Golf Set

Just as the name suggests, the Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set is indeed one of the ultimate beginner golf clubs sets you will find in the market today. All the clubs in this set are designed for greater performance, and if you are a beginner, you will find them easy to use and to gain more skills within a short time.


  • The set includes a total of three Fairway wood, driver, a putter, 4 Hybrids, and Iron 5PW – everything a beginner golfer may need.
  • Both the wood and the driver have a graphite shaft which not only makes them durable but also are lightweight, making them easy to handle and highly dependable.
  • Both the irons and the hybrids feature steel shafts which help in giving the players more control to put more power on the swings.
  • The stand bag that the set comes in is durable and ergonomically designed for ease of transportation and to help you take good care of the clubs.
  • With the price of this set at just around $100, it is a real steal for money, though it may not be amongst the best cheap golf clubs for beginners.
  • On the other hand, you may be disappointed that it doesn’t have a sand wedge. Many people may also not like the fact that it is available only in yellow color, especially those who may desire to have plain or clubs in other different colors.

Confidence Golf Men’s Power Hybrid Club Set

If you are on an extremely tight budget, but you can’t let your desire to start golfing go away, the Confidence Golf Men’s Power Hybrid Club basic golf club set is one of the cheap golf clubs for beginners you will find in the market today.


  • Very good quality golf equipment which comes with enviable control and forgiveness that every beginner golfer will appreciate.
  • It is, perhaps, the cheapest starter golf pack set.
  • It includes a total of nine clubs, three oversized wood heads, a driver, a putter and a stand bag for ease of transportation and keeping the clubs safe.

This will be a very good starter golf club set if you are someone who plays occasionally and needs a durable and affordable set of clubs to launch your golfing career

Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16 – Pieces Complete Golf Set

There are different golf sets availed by various companies for beginner golfers, but very few may compare with Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16 – Pieces Complete Set. This set features all the golf clubs you may need as a beginner, a stand bag as well as a couple of golf balls. Other than the ultimate set for a beginner golfer, there are other reasons which make it an appealing option for both seasoned and amateur golfers.


  • Its driver is enhanced with titanium.
  • The clubs are made of stainless steel irons.
  • It has a 3W which features graphite shaft.
  • Finally, it also comes with a mallet putter which makes it easy for beginners to grow their confidence as they take their initial shots.
  • The only thing you may find slightly off with this set is that many players have complained about the mallet putter, which they say isn’t as balanced as it should be. Again, the 21 degrees on the hybrid also seems to be a little inappropriate, though this should not be a big deal after you take a couple of shots and you begin getting used to it.

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